The Healthiest and Most Delicious Food You Can Eat When You are Away From Home

Mona Lisa’s Gelato & Cafe’, LLC is owned and operated by Aleda Noyce.

MLG & C is committed to producing the finest all natural Soups served with house-baked Ciabatta Rolls, Salads, Gluten-Free Thai Noodle Bowls, Veggie Burgers, Grilled Sandwiches (Panini) served on house-baked Focaccia Flatbread, Daily Specials and Artisan Gelato.

Mona Lisa’s sources the healthiest ingredients and has its own large Garden to supply much of the Vegetables, Tomatoes, Greens and Legumes used in our recipes. Mona Lisa’s has been named one of the Top Ten Best Restaurants in Johnson City by The Culture Trip for three years in a row.

Mona Lisa’s Gelato has received widespread attention from customers and food critics alike. We have compiled a selection of testimonials and critical reviews for you here.


This truly great restaurant is Johnson City’s best kept secret. The home made soup and rolls are first class delicious, up there or better than any in Johnson City.

But wait, the freshly made Gelato, with its many nutritious flavors, is the best I ever tasted. The Gelato is just fabulous. WOW unbelievable.

Overall eating at the Mona Lisa is nothing short of fantastic, wonderful, five stars. Its first time customers cannot help but come back for more, again and again.

Skip Knoble – Urbanspoon

Hands down the best place for desert in Johnson city. I haven’t had a gelato at Mona Lisa’s that I did not like. Was never a fig fan until I had their fig and almond gelato and it is my favorite one so far.

The owner is very kind and friendly. Almost forgot, I had the chicken gumbo for lunch with thier homemade rolls and I’d say the soup was as good as the gelato!! A must go for die hard foodies.

Andrew – Urbanspoon