North Carolina Barbeque Sandwich with Slaw and Potato Salad

Greetings,north carolina barbeque

Mona Lisa’s is serving Shrimp and Lobster Bisque, Chicken Pot Pie, Broccoli Cheese and Tomato Basil soup today for your health and enjoyment.

Sheridan’s Special today is North Carolina Barbeque Sliders w/Slaw and Potato Salad.

We have Thai Gluten-Free Noodle Bowls, Vegetarian Morrocan White Bean Burgers, Cuban Sandwiches, Rubenator Panini Sandwiches, Beef Brisket and Cheddar w/Chipotle Mayo, Turkey, Bacon and Provolone and so many more.

Gelato flavors include Almond Joy, Blackberry, Birthday Cake, Custard Eclair, Mocha Royale, Cherry Gracia, Cookies n’ Cream, Blood Orange Sorbetto, Key Lime Sorbetto and many more!

Gelato is BOGO today or half off with the purchase of any meal when you mention this post. Be good to yourself. Eat healthy!


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